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(The tutorial has been written by badboy70 from the Tomb Raider Forums.)


Textures mods (method 1)

You'll need two folders:

In the Textures you need to place ALL of the bmp files in the download. You'll also have to place the config.cfg here.

In the tr2hook folder you'll also need TexDump, and a copy of the config.fg will also belong in that folder.


Textures mods (method 2)

I got a different file (e.g.: tr2, tr4, trc). Overwrite and existing levelfile. Normally the author will include what game it's made for. It's all in the DATA folder.

e.g.: Jungle.tr2


Meshes mods

See the paragraph above.

Note: you can load a level with meshes in combination with tr2hook. Meshes of the level will be loaded but textures for that level will come from the Textures folder.

Let's say you downloaded a Jungle.tr2 mesh mod, and a Jungle textures mod. Then you can overwrite the Jungle.tr2 in the DATA folder and run tr2hook to use the Jungle textures in the Textures folder.
Note: you cannot use:
e.g. textures for Madubu Gorge level mod with India.tr2 mod.

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