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Below are tips and tricks for Bolivia's Time Trial. Most of them were found by the members of Tomb Raider Forums. If you are the original founder and have not been mentioned, please let us know.

Useful links:

Bolivia's New Record - Ewil made the video and shows how you can complete Bolivia in 6:24!! This video includes many tips and shortcuts! Do not miss it!
Bolivia's Shortcuts Collection - Gandarufu made the video, but it includes his and other members' tips. Among the others, it includes tips for skipping the whole beginning and the first two waterfalls, and a fast way to get in front of the Temple using the mysterious left roll ®. Don't miss it!!
Bolivia's Shortcuts Collection - by moni667
Complete Bolivia Time Trial - by G-Paul
Complete Bolivia Time Trial - by CannibalK9

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When the level begins draw your Pistols before going for the first jump. When you have your Pistols drawn whilst jumping over the gap, Lara will land directly on the opposite side, without kneeling. Then, instead of going around to the left, jump diagonally to the left (again, having your Pistols drawn), aiming for the flat part close to the rock.

Still at the beginning of the level and after the above two jumps, stick to the left hand rock and jump above the pool in order to land on the ledge. That way, you avoid swimming into the pool, which is a waste of time.


You can bypass the route from the beginning of the level until pushing the boulder. You just need to perform a tricky side-jump (the mysterious left roll ®). It needs a bit of practice, but it is a really good shortcut. You can see a video here.

(Note for the console players: The letter E you see at the end of the video is the Interact button.)

Found by: Gandarufu

First rope: Do not keep on swingning. Once you jump and grab the rope, Lara will swing forwads. Press Jump immediately to leap off the rope, before Lara swings back.


First rope: Once you grab the rope, climb up about four times and turn right 45 degrees to aim at a rock at the top of the waterfall. Swing about 3 or 4 times and press Jump. Lara will land on the rock, completely bypassing the cave and the crevice that follows.

Found by: Joshorty

When you exit the cave, jump at the edge, but hold down the Jump button to jump higher and farther. That way, Lara lands on the opposite ledge instead of grabbing and pulling up, which are a waste of time.

After the cutscene that shows the top of the waterfall, jump to grab the far part of the crevice, and not the one above Lara's head. Whilst shimming, do not forget to press the Interact button to move faster.

When you reach the rolling boulder, run up the river sticking to the left hand wall. That way, you can pass the boulder from the side whilst it rolls down. If you stick to the right, you will have to wait for the boulder to roll.

When you reach the pair of wooden poles, jump from the left side of the rock in order to grab the leftmost side of the first pole. If you grab the right side of the pole, you will have to move left which is a waste of time.

Pole tip: To avoid swinging twice on the second pole, once you release the first one, keep tapping the Jump button. Lara will grab the second pole, half-swing and jump to grab the ledge ahead.

When you reach the wooden platform, use it to jump and grab the ledge with the boulder. Do not use the narrow ledges beneath the boulder.

When you meet the first pair of guards, do not bother with them. Keep going and jump to grab the ledge.


Second rope: Jump to grab it, but instead of swingning straight ahead, turn right and swing towards the grass, beyond the three poles. When you land there, ignore the guard and use the Grapple to jump across. Like in the case of the rope, do not keep swinging. Once the Grapple catches the shimmering statue, let Lara swing once and jump.


Second rope: Instead of bothering with the rope, turn right and jump on a small square rock in the corner. Then jump to the opposite side, move to the right and jump on the bridge, where you can use the Grapple.

Found by: CannibalK9

After the "Falling in love" cutscene, run and do not bother shooting the rocks. If you shoot them whilst running, it is ok, but do not stop and waste time only to shoot the rocks. Whilst sliding down, jump to the left and go up the ascent, ignoring any alive guard. Also, ignore the guard at the top of the ascent and jump to grab the rope. Climb up just a couple of times, swing once and when Lara moves forward, jump to leap off the rope.

When you reach the second bunch of guards, slide down the slope and cross the small bridge. If you want, you can shoot the pillar and kill some of the threats.

Ignore the guards here. Quckly run up the stairs to enter the Temple. The guards will not follow you inside. As before, do not keep on swingning when you used the Grapple in the next part.

After using the chains and jumping into the cave, do not jump to grab the chain in the next room. Instead, keep running, let Lara hang from the edge and release to drop down. The opening to continue is just on your right.

When you reach the pool, swan dive. That way, Lara will dive in the water and you will not have to do it manually. When you swim underwater, do not forget to use the Interact button to swim faster.

(Note: To swan dive, whilst running forward, press Jump and immediately press the Crouch button.)

Run past the first jaguar, or jump over it. In general, do not bother with it. It will not follow you down the stairs.

When you reach the two sets of huge boulders, push the cage until the first set. Then climb on the cage, drop to other side and pass the second set of boulders by running between them (without pushing the cage).

Crate puzzle: As soon as you enter the room, go to the right and pull the cage on the plate. Bring the cage which is beneath the platform on the upper level and push/ pull it to the middle plate. Then step on the left plate to open the exit door. You do not have to bother with the third cage nor the jaguar here.

Still in the room with crate puzzle: When you reach the ledge beneath the horizontal chain, run, jump and grab the chain. Do not grab the part of the chain above the ledge.

When you reach the room with the rotating metallic poles, hang from the edge and drop down. Do not bother with the narrow ledges nor the tiger. Grab the first metallic pole and head to the exit.


Now this is a great find, but it requires a little pratctice until you get it. Then, it will be very useful if you ever want to make Bolivia's Time Trial again.

There is a slope beneath the narrow ledges that Lara can stand. Next to the slope is something that looks like a closed door. If you jump to the top of the closed door, Lara will kneel, like she does when she lands on a normal ledge. She cannot stand there, so you have to quickly jump to the right, where an invisible ledge is. Approach the rock on the other side and jump to grab the nearest metallic pole.

Found by: -Id-


When you reach the opening above the room with the rotating metallic poles (after the interactive cutscene), do not drop down. Instead, jump to land on the middle spiked pole.

Carefully move to the left and jump to the next spiked pole on the left. From there, jump to grab the ledge on the wall.

Found by: CannibalK9

For the last battle, you have to kill all the guards. If you have not kill any guard until now and you do not have a weapon, get one from a guard you will kill now.

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