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Below are tips and tricks for Peru's Time Trial. Most of them were found by the members of Tomb Raider Forums. If you are the original founder and have not been mentioned, please let us know.

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When the level begins run/ roll ahead and around to the left to meet Anaya.

At this point, you have to kill all the guards, because only then the guy with the Shotgun appears on the balcony, who unblocks the exit. Instead of running around and backtracking, do an anti-clockwise move to kill the guards.

After the cutscene with Anaya, draw Pistols. Run down the stairs diagonally to the right and shoot the oil tank of the truck. Usually, one of the guards dies, or at least his health drops down, so later you will be able to kill him with a shot. First, kill guard #1 on the right, who is hiding behind the crates. If you went down the stairs when the level began, you should now be standing close to the guard. Pick up his Assault Rifle and go to the left, shooting guard #2 at the same time.

Shoot guard #3 who is standing close to the cart. You can also jump on the cart and shoot the tank for a quick "take-out". Move to the left, close to the statue, shooting guard #4 at the same time. Stay close to the statue, looking at the doors that the next guards will come out from.

From the next four guards that appear, two of them head to the right and the other two to the left (as you face them). Quickly draw weapons and shoot the oil tank ahead. Guard #5 and #6 usually hide behind the crates, so the explosion of the tank may hit them. Otherwise, one of them will move more to the right. Kill these two guards, then turn a bit to the left and start shooting at the remaining guards, running close to them at the same time.

Your ammo: Do not worry if you do not have a lot of ammo at this point. If you do not want to spare seconds and pick up ammo for the guy on the balcony, climb up the flag pole, jump to the balcony, use the Grapple to make it across and kill the guy face to face with your Pistols. If you do that, the second guy inside the room with the Grenades will not appear*, so you will not have to spare precious seconds for killing him. Just go straight to the door that leads to the second battle.

(* This definitely works for the PC version. Ada the Mental verified it for PS2 too.)

When you climb up the pole with the flag, instead of jumping to the balcony ahead, jump to the direction of the lamp where you use the Grapple. Press Jump again whilst in mid-air to use the Grapple and immediately detach as soon as you reach the opposite balcony to jump on it.

(Thanks Anubis_AF and Tomb Raider Master)

Click here for a video.

In the area with the second battle, do not bother killing the guards. Jump down to the road and go around to the right, ignoring the guards that appear and rolling/ jumping to avoid their line of fire and Grenades. Once you approach the bike, the guards will not follow you.

(Thanks ClareT)

You can also use the roofs and make it to the bike. When you exit to the first roof (after the room with the Grenades), turn right and use the Grapple to catch the shimmery lamp above. You do not have to keep on swinging, because you have enough momentum. Just jump to grab the lamp, swing forwards and jump to the roof. Go to the left between the buildings.

In the second area, use again the Grapple to catch the lamp and swing (again just once) to the opposite roof. Drop to the gound and go to the bike.

(Thanks Treeble)

Bike part: This part is considered as time consuming, but it is really up to you. The quicker you kill the guards, the sooner the bike part ends. Drive in the middle of the road and shoot the guards that appear on your left and right. Of course you need to avoid the rocks. If you stick to the left or right hand side of the road, you will not have a good range and it will take more time to kill the guards.

There are a couple of Health Packs at the beginning which should be ok until you reach the bridge. After that, you will find more Health Packs to replain your health.

Young Lara: When this part begins, run straight ahead and just before reaching the opening, press the Crouch button to perform a low somersault and slip past the opening. Jump above the ascent that follows and jump to grab the horizonatl pole.

When you reach the entrance of the cave that leads to Sarah, go through it. Do not follow the passage that leads to the falling rocks. Again, press Crouch just before reaching the half-open gate to slip past it.

In the room with Oscar and Kent, go directly to the ball and pull it. Do not bother with what Kent says. Once you grab the rope, climb up a couple of times and swing once or twice.

After Lara's chase by the monster, climb on the ledge and push the ball. Quickly jump to grab the next ledge where Amanda is behind the bars. Most of the times, the ball stops on the pressure plate, but do not waste your time to check it. Go down only if the ball is not on the plate. Try to "escape" from the camera that wants you listen to Amanda, and jump to grab the pole, then the rope.

In the next cave, jump over the rocks that goes across the passage, but make sure you hold the Jump button. That way, Lara will pass above them, and she will not kneel on them. As you run, jump to grab the horizontal pole.

Back to the present: Run staright ahead to the pool. To quickly pass the higher ledges, draw your Pistols and perform the jump. Lara will land directly on them without kneeling.

Swan dive into the pool. That way, Lara will dive in the water and you will not have to do it manually. Release Jump and keep pressing the Crouch button to swim downwards. When you swim underwater, do not forget to use the Interact button to swim faster.

(Note: To swan dive, whilst running forward, press Jump and immediately press the Crouch button.)


Do not stop at all and do not surface to restore your breath. If you do not hesitate at all, Lara's breath will drop to zero whilst approaching the opening that leads to the water puzzle. Her health will start decreasing, but just before passing this opening, the game creates a Checkpoint. You can do either:

• Drown Lara after the Checkpoint. The game will load the Checkpoint, your breath and health will be 100% full and you will continue from where the time was left. You will probably lose a couple of seconds, but this is much faster than surfacing in one of the air pockets.

• Take a Health Pack and surface in the room with the water puzzle.

Water puzzle: If you followed the first method above, both breath and health bars should be full. Go straight for the puzzle and do not surface.

If you followed the second, quickly dive down for the puzzle.

In any case, keep pressing the Interact button to swim faster. That way, Lara will pull out the next orb immediately as you approach it. Click here for video.

(Thanks Anubis_AF)

Do not keep on swingning in the next two Grapple parts. Swing once and release.

Ball puzzle: After the interactive cutscene, use the Grapple to throw the ball on the left. Position it on the right hand plate. Shooting the ball makes it roll faster. Climb up either ladder, push the ball at the top and go down.

As you climb down the ladder, press Crouch to release and grab the lower part. Press Crouch again to release and land on the ground.

Position the ball you just threw down to the middle plate, and the left ball from the ground on the (nearest) left plate.

Your way back: As you return back, draw your Pistols to jump over the gap to directly land on the ledge beneath the narrow ledges that get you back. That way, Lara will not kneel.

Guards: Ignore the two guards at the bottom of the slope (after using the rope) and the guard at the bottom of the ascent (where you used the Grapple). To quickly pass the two ascents, you can use the Grapple again. (Watch the video here. Thanks Anubis_AF).

Ignore the three guards where you solved the water puzzle. Go directly to the rope. Grab it, climb to the top and jump to the opening. Make sure you roll/ jump to avoid their fires.

(Thanks ClareT)

In the last battle, you have to kill all the guards. Shoot and use Grenades to get rid of them.

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