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Below are tips and tricks for Kazakhstan's Time Trial. Most of them were found by the members of Tomb Raider Forums. If you are the original founder and have not been mentioned, please let us know.

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When the level begins, jump down for the interactive cutscene.


When you land on the roof with the gun, jump down and quickly go and enter the opposite building. Completely ingore the guards here. Make sure you jump/ roll to avoid their shots.

Once you enter the building, jump to grab the ladder and climb to the top.

Once on the roof, simply jump to grab the opposite side. Ignore the guard and slide down the ramp.

Go to the right hand side of the roof, jump down and open the door to the medical center. Again, ignore all guards.


You can completely bypass the first roof and go directly to the second area with guards by performing the mysterious left roll ®. After the interactive cutscene at the beginning of the level, jump down and go where the red X shows in the screenshot. This video shows what you need to do. (The video includes various shortcuts, but this one is #1.)

(Note: You are not supposed to kill the guards here. If you do, it will be time consuming. So, you need some luck.)

Found by: Gandarufu

After the cutscene, the guards will still be outside and the second bunch will appear. Do not panic. Exit and run directly to the Keypad. Jump/ roll to avoid the shots.

Go up the ascent and open the door to the Command Center.

After the cutscene, climb to the tower and grab the wire. When you slide to the second roof (where the big gun is), jump down (to the side of the train) and shoot a couple of guards to trigger the cutscene that shows the train leaving. Ignore the rest of the guards and get the bike.

Note: You do not have to be perfect when you ignore the guards. If some of their shots get you, go on and do not give up. You still have earned precious time than dealing with them.

Bike part: This part is considered as time consuming, but it is really up to you. Like in Peru, the quicker you kill the guards, the sooner the bike part ends. This area is bigger in width, so do not stay in the middle. "Follow" the guards and shoot them. Avoid the obstacles (rocks and treees) and shoot the oil barrels when possible.


By performing the mysterious left roll ®, you can jump over the flaming train. Watch this video. (The video includes various shortcuts, but this one is #2.)

Found by: Gandarufu


Generator room: To the left of the generator (as you face it) is a broken metal ledge with railings. You can jump on the railings, grab the ledge above, then jump to grab the opposite ledge.

(Thanks Gandarufu)

Generator room (faster way): Approach the right side of the generator and notice the "inside" corner of the railings close to the forbidden sign. Jump to the part of the corner that the yellow arrow shows in the first screenshot.

Proceed ahead (until the vertical metal thing), then jump to grab the ledge that would have been the one just before jumping to the rope if you had followed the normal gameplay.

Hallways with green coolant: (If you do not mind using a Health Pack.) When you reach the second electrical light (just before meeting Amanda) instead of grabbing the horizontal pole, swan dive to land on the ground and just before the ledge beyond. Quickly roll beneath the ledge. When you swan dive, stick to the right hand wall, otherwise Lara will grab the pole. If she does the latter, just traverse to the other side as usual.


There is a major shortcut you can take in the room when you first see the Tesla gun. You can use the metal hanging ledge and jump to the opposite side, completely bypassing the area with the Core. You can read details in our walkthrough.

Found by: Webmistress of TombRaiderGirl

Amanda's creature: Whilst using the gun, fry the creature by moving it between the small orbs at the back (behind the big ones you push). This will make the creature disappear for some seconds and give you time to push the orbs. When you are ready to use the Grapple for the sword fragment, turn the camera towards it; otherwise, Lara will not be able to catch it.

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