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Below are tips and tricks for Bolivia Redux' Time Trial. Most of them were found by the members of Tomb Raider Forums. If you are the original founder and have not been mentioned, please let us know.

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Note: Completing this level's Time Trial is a nightmare for many people and probably for you too. You have just 4 minutes and 15 seconds to make it and the difficult part is of course fighting Amanda. Unlike the normal gameplay where you have to avoid Amanda's bolts and find a good strategy to destroy her, this time you have to find a good strategy to kill her quickly, even if this means 3 lost Health Packs.

If you do not mind cheating, you can complete England's Time Trial and unlock the Bulletproof Lara cheat. That way, your health will always remain 100% full and you will not have to worry about a possible death. Bear in mind though that strong hits (like Grenades and Amanda's shots) will still make Lara fly, thus losing precious seconds. So, use this cheat wisely.

As soon as the level begins, do not move and pull the sword out. Kill the first mercenaries that appear ahead and those around you. It is better to stay here, because the bad guys come towards you. Do not stay completely still, becuase some of them throw Grenades that can kill you. Just move on the spot. Also, do not forget the mercenaries that use big gus. You may not have a clear view from here, so move a bit to the left and right.

(Thanks Genocide)

Fighting Amanda:

Be aggressive!! Do not stay away from her. Attack her, shooting all the time. Try to stay beneath her and if you have set your controls to Advance-Toggle, Lara will not miss a shot. It might become confusing due to the camera angle, but your blows will continue hitting Amanda, even if you see everything upside down. Staying close to her is very effective, because you will not have to run as much when she falls to the ground. (Thanks Lee and Pipolinne)

You can also stick around the pillar. You can shoot Amanda behind its corner (she will probably stay still) and the only thing you must do is to roll aside when she shoots. (Thanks Tomb Raider Master)

« Level 7: Nepal - The Ghalali Key  
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