Tomb Raider: Anniversary - Cinematic Dialogues

The Awakening

Introducing Natla

LARSON: Now what's a man got to do to get that sort of attention from you?
LARA: If that's the sort of attention you want, Larson, you're well on your way.
LARSON: Sounds like fun, but I'm only here to make an introduction. Lara Croft, meet Jacqueline Natla, of Natla Technologies.
NATLA: Good afternoon, Miss Croft. My research department has recently turned its focus to the study of ancient artifacts. And I'm led to believe that, with the right incentive, you're just the woman to find them for me.
LARA: I'm afraid you've been misled. I only play for sport.
NATLA: Which is precisely why I've come to you, Miss Croft. This is a game you've played before; with your Father. You both spent years searching for the Scion of Atlantis. All you needed was the location of Qualopec's Tomb.
LARA: You've found Vilcababma?
NATLA: How quickly can you get to Peru?


LARA'S FATHER (voice): Vilcabamba continues to elude us, and my insistence that we press on in spite of these failures has morale now... I suspect Jenkins to be the author of this sedition; he simply refuses to accept the possibility that Atlantis is the foundation upon which all known civilizations were built. Increasingly, I find it is Lara alone who remains untainted by academic dogma and open-minded enough to see this truth.
GUIDE: I'm sorry; I didn't bring enough rope.
LARA: Not to worry, I'll find another way up.

Wolf Attack

The Tomb of Qualopec

LARA: Here sits the God-King Qualopec; One of the Triumvirate; Keepers of the Three pieces of the Scion; Diviners of its knowledge; Sacred rulers of Atlantis.

Unexpected Company

LARSON: I'd love to join you, but I forgot my trunks.
LARA: Why am I not surprised?
LARSON: You've got your job; I've got mine. I'll take it from here.
LARA: I hope Natla sent you here with more than that shotgun.
LARA: Don't sweat it, kitten; I prefer a more hands-on approach.

A Heated Interrogation

LARA: This is only piece of the Scion; Where's the rest of it?
LARSON: Gimme a minute, I'm thinking. Whoa! It makes no difference to me: Pierre's probably already found his piece.
LARA: Pierre Dupont? Where?
LARSON: Now that I don't know.
LARA: All right. I'm convinced.
LARSON: Damn, you really had me going there.

Late Night Reconnaissance

LARSON: Looks like our girl's pulled it off.
NATLA: Of course she has. Now it's up to you.
LARSON: Not that I'm complaining boss, but what makes you so sure she's not going to bring it back yourself?
NATLA: Lara would never part with the Scion; she's far too obsessed with it. Just like her father. Ah, Monsieur Dupont, you have something to report?
PIERRE: Good news, Madame, your information was correct. I have located my piece of the Scion. Voilà. It is buried under a place called
LARA: St. Francis Folly.

Arrival at St. Francis Folly

LARA'S FATHER (voice): I've acquired new evidence that leads me to believe it is the Scion itself that is in some strange way, a vast library of information to rival even Alexandria. I am now convinced that, if I can obtain it, I will finally discover what happened to my beloved Amelia.
LARA: Oh, Pierre, you litter bug.

Business Banter

PIERRE: I suppose you're more of a dog person.
LARA: Natla doesn't honor her contracts, Pierre. I'd move on if I were you.
PIERRE: No, mademoiselle, Natla and I understand each other. I find things for her and she rewards me handsomely. But you seek the very thing she does. That's why you are not trusted.
LARA: I trust my instincts.
PIERRE: And that is why you're in the second place. I am a professional, mademoiselle. I focus on the job, and I get paid.
LARA: There's more to life than money, Pierre.
PIERRE: This isn't life, mademoiselle, it's business. Your compulsion prevents you from seeing the difference.
LARA: It hasn't prevented me from getting a piece of the Scion. How's business for you?
PIERRE: Touché. So then, why don't we see whose compulsion gets them the next piece.

The Tomb of Tihocan

LARA: Here lies the God-King Tihocan; One of the Triumvirate; Keepers of the Three Pieces of the Scion; Leader of the chosen after the great betrayal caused Atlantis to be lost beneath the waves.
PIERRE: You see? Instincts can be expensive, mademoiselle. Yours are going to cost you both pieces of the Scion.
LARA: That's not a price I'm prepared to pay.
PIERRE: Don't be absurd. No job is worth dying for.
LARA: Yes. It is.

Pierre's Demise

PIERRE: On second thought, you have it! Bonne chance !

Shadow Figures 1

Shadow Figures 2

TIHOCAN: You have tainted the power of the Scion; In betraying your fellow Kings you have broken the sacred Triumvirate of Atlantis. You have maimed Qualopec. Your own brother.
QUALOPEC: I am still here, wretch. Tihocan has ended your treachery. But it is my face you will see in your nightmares.
TIHOCAN: What have you to say for yourself?

Arrival at Khamoon

Retrieving the Scion

The Banishment of Natla

QUALOPEC: But it is my face you will see in your nightmares.
TIHOCAN: What have you to say for yourself?
NATLA: The Gods favor action, not council.
QUALOPEC: Yet it is this council that rules over you today.
NATLA: You rule over nothing! Atlantis is in ruin; nothing can change that. Everything must burn. Only then can the Seventh Age begin.
QUALOPEC: You choose a path to madness. I wash my hands of you.
TIHOCAN: For your treachery; for using the knowledge of the Scion I expel you forever from the sacred order of The Three, and condemn you to shame in the frozen limbo of eternity.
TIHOCAN: ok sabthin, fik neprent...
NATLA: It cannot be stopped! The wheels of Kathar are already in motion!
TIHOCAN: Nam sing praten
NATLA: Doom will find you both while I rise
TIHOCAN: Rauf te nang
NATLA: from the dust of your bones to finish what I've started-
TIHOCAN: So tan qua lua licheon!


LARA: It was you? You were the Queen of Atlantis.
NATLA: Once.
LARA: And the Scion holds its history.
NATLA: It holds more than that. All the knowledge of the Ancients; things none of you could even comprehend.
LARA: What is the Seventh Age?
NATLA: How far are you willing to go to find out, Lara? Not far enough, I'm afraid. Kill her quickly. We have work to do.
KID: I'm gonna enjoy this.
KOLD: Enjoy watchin'. I'm cuttin' her.

Motorcycle Pursuit

Island Arrival

The End of the Line

LARSON: Sorry, darlin'. This is the end of the line.
LARA: Just hand it over, Larson. This has nothing to do with you.
LARSON: What's it got to do with you? This Scion belongs to Natla; Face it, you got no business here.
LARA: I don't have time for this. Get out of the way or you die.
LARSON: What you gonna do, shoot me? C'mon, Lara; I just work here. Now I know how bad you want this, but I can't let you pass. And we both know you're not gonna kill me for it. That's just not who you are.
LARA: I'm not who you think I am.

Larson Dies

Kold and Kid

KOLD: I was hoping you'd show up; I want to make you scream.
LARA: Unless you want to end up like Larson, get out of my way.
KOLD: It's so good, isn't it? It gets even better. You can't explain it to people, they have to feel it.
KID: Girl, you gotta be out of your mind!

The Power of the Scion

Doppelganger Demise

LARA: Talk about being your own worst enemy.

A Tough Choice

NATLA: You've reached the top, Lara. There's nowhere left to go but down.
LARA: You're rebuilding the army of Atlantis.
NATLA: This Pyramid breeds far more than the soldiers you've faced. With the Scion, I now have the means to create anything I desire.
LARA: What is it you desire, Natla?
NATLA: It takes Three to rule. Tihocan and Qualopec were too weak to destroy what stands in the way of the Seventh Age. But you have the strength to claim this seat beside me. Immortality has its price. But what are a few lives to sacriface for your dreams?
LARA: This is madness.
NATLA: This is what you've been searching for. The answers you've sought your entire life are within the Scion; everything you've done has led you to this place. You're here because you belong here, Lara. That's who you are.
LARA: I'm sorry, Father.

Final Confrontation

NATLA: Thousands of years I've waited for this moment! Do you realize what you've done? That blood on your hands, do you believe it was spilled for the good of all man, or for your own selfish desire? Look inside yourself, Lara. Your heart is as black as mine.

Down But Not Out

NATLA: I cannot die, you fool. Sooner or later, you'll run out of bullets.

Island Escape

Croft Manor

LARA: "Miss Croft, Pardon the mess in the foyer, but a rather large shipment of antiquities arrived while you were out. I would have had the creates placed in the Gallery, but the security alarm has somehow been activated, locking the room from the inside. If this was not concerning enough, the renovators have shut off the water supply to the entire manor in order to continue construction of the pool house. On the bright side, I've located your missing journal and returned it to its appointed hiding place in your room. Faithfully in your service, Winston."



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