Level 8: Tomb of Tihocan

Kills: 8
Supplies: 13
Artifacts: 2
Relics: 0
Additional Secrets: 0

(Note: Those who have played and completed the original Tomb Raider should recognize the level as The Cistern. However, Crystal Dynamics have merged The Cistern and Tomb of Tihocan into one level. You will recognize the latter when you reach the end of the level.)

[Checkpoint] The level begins where the previous one left you. Jump into the water and swim down and through the tunnel. It is one way, so you will not get lost. If you need to take a breather, you can find an air pocket halfway through. When you surface, climb out of the water and push the movable crate into the next room. Kill the rat and continue pushing the crate. Position it beneath the switch on the left, climb on the crate and use the switch to open the trapdoor behind you. Drop down, hang from the edge of the opening and drop to the lower room. Kill two more rats and enter the Cistern. [Checkpoint]

Inside the Cistern - When you enter, Pierre talks to Lara "Don't worry, Lara. The water is quite refreshing. Ha-ha." Ignore him, because he cannot hurt you at this point. If you take a look around, you will see various ledges and a pool at the bottom. There is an opening on the right but you cannot reach it now. The first bridge on the left leads to a mechanism that floods the Cistern, but do not do it yet.

Going around the perimeter of the Cistern - Turn right and jump to grab the horizontal pole. Swing and jump to grab the gold ring on the wall, using the Grapple. Perform the wall run and jump to grab the crevice on the left. Traverse around to the left and drop down where you will find some Caliber Pistol Ammo. Vault on the rock ahead and jump to grab the crevice in the wall. Jump to grab the one on the right and pull up onto the ledge. Pick up the Mini SMG Ammo and jump to grab the crevice you grabbed before, after performing the wall run. Shimmy around the corner, but this time do not drop down. Jump to grab the crevice behind you, then the gold ring on the wall. Perform the wall run and jump to land on the ledge beyond. Go left and jump to the next ledge. Follow it as it goes and jump over the next gap. Again, follow the ledge and jump to the next one. Pick up the Shotgun Ammo and jump to grab the horizontal pole. Swing, jump to grab the next one and finally jump to the ledge beyond. Push the movable crate to throw it down. [Checkpoint]

[Note (contains SPOILERS): If you do not wish to drop down for the Caliber Pistol Ammo and then go for the Mini SMG Ammo, you will have a second chance later to get them after flooding the Cistern.]

Jump to grab the crevice in the wall (as shown here), then the next one above. Jump to grab the horizontal pole on the left, swing and jump to the opposite ledge. Go to the other side and jump to grab the crevice. Traverse around the corner and use the two horizontal poles to reach the crevice in the opposite wall. Traverse around the corner, but do not drop down. Instead, jump to grab the crevice behind you (as shown in this screenshot). Traverse around the corner and pull up. Push the second movable crate and throw it down.

At the bottom of the Cistern/ Draining the pool - Cross the bridge and jump to the opposite side. Now, you have to go down. The quickest way is to drop into the pool. Quickly climb out of water using one of the two low ledges and kill the two crocodiles. Here you can see the crate you pushed before. First, get the Small Medipack from the right, then push the crate into the pool. Go to the other side and vault onto the broken ledge. Climb on the low wall and drop down at the other side. Use the mechanism to drain the pool. [Checkpoint] Do not forget about the other crate. Go around the Cistern and pick up the Large Medipack from behind the fallen ledges (thanks to Christian for bringing this Medipack to our attention). Pass the canal and kill the crocodile. Push the crate down and into the now drained pool.

Hang from the edge of the pool and shimmy to the very right. Release to drop on a slope and you will slide to the bottom. Position the two crates on the pressure plates. The one opens a trapdoor that reveals a wooden platform and the other lowers some bars above. Facing the bars, locate the slide on the left. First, pick up a Small Medipack from behind the slope. Then jump on it and quickly press the Jump button to jump off the slide. Use the Grapple to catch the gold ring on the wall and perform the wall run to land on the ledge in the left hand corner. Jump to grab the crevice in the wall and traverse around the corner. Jump to grab the upper one, then the horizontal pole behind you. Swing and jump to grab the crevice of the opposite pillar. Traverse around the two corners and jump to grab the next pole. Swing and jump to grab the opposite crevice. Traverse to the left and pull up onto the ledge. Slide down the slope on the left and jump to grab the ledge ahead. Pull up and climb up the ledges to get to the top. Use the mechanism again to flood the pool. [Checkpoint]

[Note: There is a shorter way to get out of the drained pool. Facing the bars you lowered, turn right and locate the slope close to the ledge that gets you outside (as shown in this screenshot). With one tricky jump, Lara can use the slope and jump to grab the ledge. Approach the slope and notice that Lara can walk on it until a specific point. When she reaches the highest part, press the Jump button. Lara always jumps forward on a slope, so she will automatically turn around. When she does so, grab the ledge and pull up. This video shows the jump. Thanks to Anker for the hint.)

Going up/ Flooding the Cistern - Facing the pool after using the mechanism, go to the right to reach the canal. Use the Grapple to catch the ring of the wooden platfrom that is now floating and pull it as much as you can into the canal. Make sure that the platform touches the ledge (as shown in this screenshot) because this is the appropriate position for later. You now have to make your way back to the top of the Cistern. Jump into the pool and climb out of the water, using one of the two low ledges. Go left and locate the broken ledge next to the pillar (as shown in this screenshot). Go up it and jump to grab the crevice of the pillar. Jump to grab the next one and traverse around the corner. Jump up to grab the horizontal pole, swing and jump to grab the ledge beyond. Pull up, climb up the next two ledges and turn around. Jump to grab the upper crevice of the pillar you came from, then the next one, traverse around the two corners and jump to grab the bridge above; pull up. You are back at the top of the Cistern.

Use the mechanism on the right to flood the Cistern. [Checkpoint] This will bring the wooden platform at the top, where you need it in order to reach a high ledge. For now, jump into the water and swim into the big pipe beneath the mechanism and a bit to the right to get a Large Medipack (see this screenshot to get oriented). You will also find a Small Medipack in a pipe at the far left (if the mechanism is to your back) and some Shotgun Ammo in a pipe exactly opposite the mechanism.

(Note: If you did not get the Caliber and Mini SMG Ammo's before, you can get them now. For the latter, swim close to the ledge (as shown here) and press the Interact button. Lara will magically get the Ammo from within the water. Thanks to jennyanydots for the hint.)

Artifact #1 - As you exit the pipe with the Ammo, locate the lever on one of the pillars to the right (as shown in this screenshot). Use it to open a trapdoor at the bottom of the pool which reveals the Artifact and some Caliber Pistol Ammo.

Surface where the wooden platfrom is, climb on it and jump to grab the high ledge. If you cannot reach it, you can jump on the walkway and correct the platform's position. Enter the room with the three gargoyles. [Checkpoint] Jump into the water and swim down. Let the current drag you to a small pool. [Checkpoint] Climb out of the water and pick up the Shotgun Ammo. Jump into the water again and swim through the tunnel that takes you to the next area.

Outside Tihocan's Temple - You surface in a pool outside Tihocan's Temple. The door that leads inside is closed, so you need to open it. Swim to the left to find a small ledge you can climb on. Pick up the Shotgun and Caliber Pistol Ammo's. Jump into the water and dive down. Swim back (to the way you came from), looking for a tunnel on the left. Swim through it and surface at the end. Climb out of the water and use the switch to open the door of the Temple. [Checkpoint] Jump into the water and swim back to the pool.

Artifact #2 - Facing the small ledge with the pick-ups, locate the underwater tunnel on the right (as shown in this screenshot). Swim there to get the Artifact and return back to surface.

Climb out of the water and enter the Temple. [Checkpoint] The two centaurs are harmless... for now. Go between the pillars on the left.

In the cut scene, Lara enters the room and approaches the piece of Scion on the pedestal. She passes it by and goes to the tomb behind it. She starts reading the inscription "Here lies the God-King Tihocan; One of the Triumvirate; Keepers of the Three Pieces os the Scion; Leader of the chosen after the great betrayal caused Atlantis to be lost beneath the waves." She then opens the tomb and sees that Tihocan's body is missing. Pierre points his guns to her head from behind, holding the piece of Scion.

Be prepared for the Interactive cut scene. Press the correct buttons to save Lara from Pierre's shots.

In the next cut scene, Pierre exits the Temple. The centaurs awaken and chase him when Lara comes out at the same time. Pierre thinks that the centaurs are after him because he carries the piece of Scion, so he throws it to Lara who grabs it. However, the centaurs are now awaken, because the piece was removed from its place. So, they have to kill everything that moves, starting from Pierre. Now it is Lara's turn to deal with them.

Dealing with the centaurs - (Thanks to Mona Sax for clearing up a bit the procedure) You have to kill the two centaurs, but you cannot do it straight away. As you can see, they carry a shield that proctects them from your bullets. So, the first thing you need to do is to remove the shield from their hands. At the top right of your screen, you can see two bars. The yellow one is their health, which means that they die when the bar drops to zero. It will not decrease, however, before you remove their shields. The red bar indicates their rage. When you shoot repeatedly, the bar starts filling, causing the centaurs to become enraged. In that case, two things happen by turns:

• The centaurs stare at you, indicated by a green glow. You have to turn around and look the other way (or simply crouch - thanks Notts Raider). If you stay and look at them, the green glow will turn you into stone. Either the centaurs will kick you (and kill you) or you will have to press the arrow buttons and remove the stone from your body (and continue the battle).

• The centaurs attack and you have to use the Adrenaline Dodge and shoot their head. Remember: You have to press and hold the Crouch button, and when you see the red target on a centaur's head, shoot it. If you succeed, the centaur will slump down and expose his shield, which means that he will turn the shield and the ring at the back will face your direction. You then have to use the Grapple, catch the ring and pull the shield out of his hands. Once the shield is on the ground, the centaur will not pick it up again. Repeat the same procedure until the second centaur loses his shield.

Once both shields are down, start shooting the centaurs. This time, they will not attack. They will only use their green glow and try to petrify you. Once they become enraged and are ready to use the green glow, quickly holster your weapons, pick up a shield and point it to a centaur's direction. The green glow will reflect and return back to the centaur, thus turning him into stone. Quickly drop the shield and start shooting. You will see that the health bar will start decreasing. When it drops to zero, the centaur shatters. Repeat the same process for the second centaur.

Warning: To use the Grapple and catch the shield, the centaur must have rotated it and the ring at the back must face your direction. Sometimes, the centaur freezes and only raises his hand. In this case, you are not able to grab the ring and you have to repeat the process again. This screenshot shows the correct and "wrong" positions of the centaur's hand.)

(Note: You can also pull only one shield from one centaur onto the ground. You can use the same shield to deflect the petrifying rays of the other centaur who still holds his shield. Thanks to paulwork for the hint.)

In the cut scene, Lara approaches Pierre and it seems she feels sorry for him. She then puts the two pieces of the Scion together and receives a vision: The floor falls apart and Lara falls down. She keeps falling and she stops in midair in front of the Scion which then splits into three parts. She then sees the three Atlantian rulers. One of them (the woman) tained her piece and used it to maim Qualopec. The other ruler (Tihocan) wants to punish her. So, the last piece of Scion ends to Altantis. When Lara awakes from the vision, she falls to the ground and picks up the pieces of Scion.


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Last update: 24 June 2007: Added a Large Medipack that we missed before (thanks to Christian).

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