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The game offers various items you can unlock, including Lara's outfits, character bios, music etc. To view the items you have unlocked, select Rewards from the Main Menu.

To unlock some of the following sections, you have to find certain Artifacts and Relics. If you have completed the game and you miss some of them, you can replay a level, find the missing Artifact or Relic and quit without completing the level, because the Artifacts and Relics are stored in your profile.



There are two sections available in this option:
Note To The Fans which is accessible at the start. When you select it, you can read a text where the game developers welcome you.
Style Units. This is a test level that the developers used in order to see how the various locations (Greece, Peru etc) looked like. There is no ending for this level, which means that you will run around in circles. Since it is a test level, there are no items to be found. To unlock Style Units, you have to find all 8 Relics in the game. Here is how this level looks like:

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Screenshots provided by Legend 4ever


The Cinematics are the cut scenes you watch in the game. When you complete a level, all Cinematics you have watched are unlocked. That way, you can watch them again at any time. If you have turned the Subtitles on, you will be able to view them when you re-watch a Cinematic.

Art Galleries

The Art Galleries is a section that includes concept art from this game and images from the previous Tomb Raider games. Here is what you need to find in order to unlock each one:

Unlockable How To: Find
Origins of Lara Gallery 33% of Peru Artifacts
Box Art Gallery 67% of Peru Artifacts
Peru 100% of Peru Artifacts
Kid 33% of Egypt Artifacts
Kold 67% of Egypt Artifacts
Egypt 100% of Egypt Artifacts
Pierre 33% of Greece Artifacts
Game Gallery 67% of Greece Artifacts
Greece 100% of Greece Artifacts
Lost Island 33% of Lost Island Artifacts
Doppelganger 67% of Lost Island Artifacts
Natla 100% of Lost Island Artifacts
Atlantean Creatures Finish the game
Items and Artifacts 25% of Relics and Finish the game
Other Characters 50% of Artifacts and Finish the game
Promotional Materials Gallery 50% of Mansion Artifacts
TR1 vs. TR:A Peru Gallery 100% of Peru Relics
TR1 vs. TR:A Greece Gallery 100% of Greece Relics
TR1 vs. TR:A Egypt Gallery 100% of Egypt Relics
TR1 vs. TR:A Lost Island Gallery 100% of Lost Island Relics

Character Bios

This section includes information about some characters that appear in the game. Here is what you need to find in order to unlock each one:

Unlockable How To: Find the following number of Articats in the game (out of the 44 that appear in total)
Lara Croft 5
Larson 9
Kid 14
Kold 18
Pierre 23
Winston 27
Natla 41
Doppelganger 36
Richard Croft 32


There are 10 available outfits in Anniversary that you can unlock by finding specific Relics. Below is a list of all outfits and what you need to do in order to unlock them. To use an outfit, you have to replay a level (normal replay or Time Trial). You can also select an outfit in Croft Manor from Lara's bedroom. During normal gameplay, you cannot change the outfit that is given by deafault.


How To: Find the Relic of the following level

Originally appeared in:

Given by default when the game starts

Legend Mountain Caves Legend (TR7)
Doppelganger Natla's Mines

Atlantean Scion (TR1)

Camouflage Temple of Khamoon

Angel of Darkness (TR6)

Golden Mida's Palace Atlantean Scion (TR1)
Croft Manor Sport Mida's Palace Dagger of Xian (TR2)
Classic The Lost Valley Atlantean Scion (TR1)
Wetsuit Great Pyramid Dagger of Xian (TR2)
Catsuit Sanctuary of the Scion Adventures of Lara Croft (TR3)
Scorched Natla Find all Relics --


Each of the 8 Relics that appear in the game has a unique appearance and description. When you find a Relic in the game, the description appears on your screen. This section includes the Relics you have found and the description for each one. Apart from the Rewards section, you can also view each Relic in Croft Manor by visiting Lara's Trophy Room. If you play the Manor halfway through the game, the Trophy Room inludes only the Relics you have found up to this point.


To unlock the game's Music tracks, you have to complete the Croft Manor and open the Music Room. Then, after completing a chapter (Peru, Greece etc), you unlock the Music for that chapter. Select a soundtrack from here or by going to Lara's Music Room in Croft Manor.
(Note: If you first play the game and halfway through decide to play the Manor, once you complete the latter, all Music tracks until the chapter you have completed will get unlocked.)


When you complete the game, the Credits play. To re-view them, you can select this option.


The Commentaries is a nice Add-On that the developers decided to include. You can learn many things about the game's design and what kind of changes have been made from the original Tomb Raider game. When you complete a chapter (Peru, Greece etc), you unlock the Commentaries for that chapter. In this section, you can see which chapter's Commentaries you have unlocked (the word Unlocked in brackets appear next to the chapter).

To hear the Commentaries, select to replay a level. When it loads, pause the game and select Options, then Display. Turn the Commentary Markers on and return to the level. You will see that various blue crystals are scattered around. Approach each crystal and press the Interact button to hear some comments. The crystals at the beginning of each level usually offer general comments about the specific level (mostly a small description of the changes that have been made from the original game or the designers' opinion during the development). As you proceed in the level, the crystals offer information about the room and the area around. Note that you can turn on the Subtitles if you cannot understand what they say.


See our Cheats Section.

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