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Below are tips and tricks for Ghana's Time Trial. Most of them were found by the members of Tomb Raider Forums. If you are the original founder and have not been mentioned, please let us know.

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TIP: Make sure you have all four Grenades when you meet Rutland.

When the level begins, proceed as usual and jump into the water.


Climb out of the water and quickly climb up the stone blocks to solve the waterfall puzzle.


You can take a major shortcut and skip the first part of the level, which includes the Area with wheels, the Puzzle area with the blocked water and the Passages with traps. This shortcut will take you directly to the part after dealing with the huge rolling ball. Solving the waterfall puzzle is not necessary, but if you do not that, the area behind the waterfall will not load and you will not be able to proceed.

Facing the mechanism, swim to the right and climb up the blocks. You will notice a huge brown rock that blocks your way. There is another ledge behind the huge rock that you are not supposed to reach, because the stone is in the way. The truth is that you CAN reach it, but the jump is quite tricky and many people have encountered problems. You need to jump off the ledge and pass just next to the rock. If everything goes well, Lara will grab the ledge behind. Here you can watch a video that was made by stephtrl.

Found by: dinahcat

When you enter the Temple, use the Grapple to pull the raft, but release when it reaches the middle of the pool, where the current starts going towards you (this means that you do not have to pull it all the way).

Jump on the raft, jump to grab the rope, swing once and sideways, and jump to leap off the rope. That way, Lara will not grab the second rope, but drop in the water where the current (that changes in the middle) will push her quickly to the other side.

If Lara grabs the second rope, half-swing and quickly release. She will either land on the other side or drop in the water. Either is quicker than keep on swinging.

(Thanks Legends)

To get rid of the first guard, just shoot him as you run. Until you reach the corner, he will be dead. Then quickly pass the timed door beyond.

To kill or not to kill? The guards that appear in the waterwheel area are quite many. If you avoid them, they can damage you a lot (you will need to take at least one Health Pack) and the checkpoint will not be created (thanks Mytly).

If you think that the alive guards makes your job harder, kill them without backtracking. As you enter, draw weapons, go right and cross the bridge shooting the 1st pair of guards who are standing next to the pillar. The alone guard who platrols beneath the stone ledge can easily die if you explode the nearby barrel. You do not have to approach him. Stay close to the pillar, because you will have to climb on the stone ledge and kill the 2nd pair. Use the Aerial Assault to make your job easier.

(Note: The explosion of the barrel collapses the ledge above. If you decide to use the Gun in just the bit, the ledge must be down, otherwise you will not be able to aim at the next guards.)

Grab the gun and first shoot the three guards, then the pillar. The latter makes a cutscene play and after that Lara does no longer hold the gun. So, if you shoot the pillar first, you will have to grab the gun again. Shoot the guards, then the pillar, watch the cutscene and after that Lara will have released the gun by herself. You are ready to leave. (You can ignore the three guards, but the checkpoint will not be created. Also, if they shoot Lara, the shots will make her drop down whilst swinging on the poles. But if you are lucky, you will not be hit.)

Once you are done, do not bother with the rope that is close to the gun. Jump down, cross the bridge, go left and, whilst standing on the rocks, jump to grab the pole of the rotating waterwheel. Make your way to the second (still) waterwheel, but make sure you do not swing a lot on the ropes.

When you reach the top of the ladder after the second waterwheel, instead of pulling up and going around, press Jump to grab the ledge behind. If you do not want to lose the Checkpoint, roll to the right and head to the next ladder.

As soon as you reach the area with the water puzzle, do not bother with the jaguar. It is lurking on the left, so jump to the right and quickly climb on the stairs.

After jumping on the height boxes and watching the cutscene that gives the clue of the puzzle, run\ roll diagonally to the right, where the corner of the ledge is. Jump there and you will land directly on the raft (or land on the wall and slide to the raft). Just tap the Jump button; do not hold it.

(Thanks Pipolinne)

Alternative way by Treeble: You do not need to watch that cutscene at all. As you climb up the ledge after the two hanging platforms, run sideways, jump down into the water then just swim up to the hovering platform.

Bypassing the raft: After jumping on the height boxes, jump in the water and swim to the other side. As you pass through the opening, take a look on the right to spot the relic. Lara can stand on it, so swim towards it pressing the Interact button.

Once Lara climbs on the relic, run and jump to grab the ledge on the other side (the one beneath the second height boxes). You can watch a video here.

Found by: CannibalK9

After using the second height boxes and the Grapple to make it across, run to the far right corner of the ledge and as you reach it, turn left and jump to grab the lower crevice of the pillar. (Thanks CannibalK9)

When you grab the lower crevice of the pillar (where the arrow shows - not where Lara hangs from in the screenshot) shimmy around the corner and jump to grab the crevice behind you. Do not jump for the upper crevice of the pillar, because you will have to go down again, which is a waste of time.

Click here for a video.

For the puzzle, the trick is to not wait for the square ledge rotate twice. You must jump on it while it rotates in order to reach the movable box on the other side. You have to do the same thing to reach the central platform with the statue and use the Grapple to pull the start on its chest.

You can watch a video here, and as you can see, it can be done better.

You can save time during the cut scene and jump down before triggering it. As you pull the star, release when the hands are about to reach the horizontal position. Then quickly jump into the water. You can watch a video here.

Found by: CannibalK9


As you return back to the waterwheel area and grab the ladder, climb down just a bit and release. Lara will grab the crevice beneath the ladder. Now you can do either:

• Release to drop to the ground (losing a small percentage of health - faster).

• Traverse to the right around the corner, release to grab the crevice below and finally release to drop to the ground (without losing health).

In any case, do not go for the ladder that takes you to the ground.

(Thanks Treeble)

When you drop to the ground, do not go around the opening in the floor. Instead, jump over it to grab the ladder. Make sure you jump before reaching the edge. If you jump at the edge, Lara will land on the other side which is something that you do not want. You want Lara dirctly grab the ladder.

As you climb down the ladder, you get a brief cutscene that shows the horizontal deadly spikes working. Climb to the bottom of the ladder and do either:

• Jump to grab the waterwheel's pole when it comes behind you.

• Release to drop to the ground (no health loss) and grab the pole from other side. If you do not mind losing half of your health, drop down before the cutscene plays. Once you grab the ladder, press Crouch to release. That way, you will not lose any second from climbing down the ladder. The cutscene will play when Lara reaches the ground. Then go to the other side and grab the pole.

Horizontal deadly spikes: The ideal is not to stop at all as you enter and pass through the spikes. Or, at least hesitate just a bit at the start until the first spikes open. Here is how:

Face the first set; when they open, wait almost one second and then start running, rolling over the floor. Do not stop doing so and you will easily pass all the spikes in a few seconds.

(Thanks Tomb Raider Master)


Rotating blades: The method you will follow depends on how well you can control Lara. Here you can do either:

• Jump\ crawl beneath the blades: When the highest blades come towards you, run and roll beneath them. Then jump over the lowest blades that are coming to your side. Or, when the lowest blades come towards you, jump over them. Then roll beneath the highest blades that are coming to your side. (See this video).

• Use the stone block: Grab it and push it, sticking to the left hand wall. When you block the blades (they do not rotate), climb on the block and jump over the blades. (Thanks Legends)

When the rolling boulder chases you, run straight forward and roll beneath both poles. Press the Roll button a couple of steps before reaching the pole. If you stick to the pole and then roll, you will lose precious time and the ball will get you. You can watch a video here.

(Thanks Brian C)

After escaping the huge rolling boulder, you reach the front side of the Temple, where you have to jump to poles and pillars. In general, do not keep on swingning on the poles. The only thing that you can do faster here is when you jump on the first metallic hanging ledge. Once you land on it, do not wait for it to lower, because Lara will grab the opposite ledge. Instead, immediately jump forwards to directly land on the other side.

Three poles: When you reach the point with the three poles (just before Lara says "Hello? Are you chaps getting any of this?"), you can press a sequence of buttons and pass them quickly. Press right and Jump to grab the first bar. Hold right and Jump again on the second bar. Then press left and Interact so Lara performs tkatchev and then jump on the last bar. When she does so, keep pressing left and start tapping the Jump button. Lara will half-swing on the rope and jump to grab the opposite ledge. You can watch a video here.

(Thanks Tomb Raider Master)

When you enter the Temple again, you come across some guards. If you have ammo for the Assault Riffle, you can bypass the guards (run and roll). Otherwise, cross the bridge, shooting at the same time and picking up the ammo on your way.

If the bridge is down, do not hesitate! Use the Grapple to catch the shimmery sign and swing across. In this case, one guard usually appears that you can kill or totally ignore.

Area with big waterfall and bridge: You can totally ignore the seven guards here. Just cross the bridge and head to the opening on the other side. Whilst crossing the bridge, roll and jump to quickly reach the opposite side, because the guards throw Grenades which can cut the bridge down. Once you go through the opening, ignore the jaguar and climb on the stairs.

When you use the rope to jump to the second flight of stairs (just before meeting Rutland), run up the stairs hugging the left hand wall. When the boulder starts rolling down, press Crouch to perform a slow somersault and slip past it.

(Thanks Tomb Raider Master)

Fighting Rutland: You can take Rutland down in just a few seconds. If you have all four Grenades with you at this point, you can follow this strategy and defeat Rutland very quickly, without having to bring the ledges down. Here is how:

When the battle begins, Rutland will jump off a ledge and come after you. Shoot him to bring his health down and make him jump on a ledge. With your weapon still drawn, wait for him to jump off the ledge, but make sure you have locked your target on him. Whilst he is in midair, throw a Grenade. It will explode when Rutland lands on the ground. This will make him go flying up, so he will not come after you. Still with the aim locked, throw as many Grenades as you have timing a chain. Shooting at the same time will help your job. If you want, you can watch this video.

Found by: Treeble

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